Washington State issues first cannabis research license

Verda Bio to begin research on cannabinoid-based therapeutics

Huge news out of Olympia last week – the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board issued its first marijuana research license! Congratulations to Verda Bio Research in Seattle, who are using the license to conduct research on cannabinoid-based therapeutics.

According to the state, research licensees are allowed to “produce, process and possess marijuana for limited research purposes,” which are not only vetted by the state to ensure compliance with state legislature, but also by an independent third party scientific reviewer to verify their research methods are sound.

This could mean great forward momentum for legitimizing cannabis and cannabis science in the U.S. WSLCB director Rick Garza said, “We’re hopeful that the research will assist policy makers as we grapple with this emerging industry.”

Congratulations, Verda Bio! Can’t wait to follow your work!

Read the announcement from the WSLCB here.