The Herbery at the Vancouver Brewfest – Spring Edition 2019

The Vancouver Brewfest is a staple for beer-lovers in Clark County, so when the organizer asked us if we wanted to represent with a booth at this year’s spring event, we jumped at the chance! Jim & Lyn Mullen and Rick Zahler, owners of The Herbery, and Penny Fillhouer, from our Senior Leadership Team, spent Friday & Saturday at the Brewfest creating a buzz about the premium quality products and service we’ve got going on at The Herbery.

We answered lots of questions about CBD and hemp oil, and whether we were offering free samples. (Sorry, still no free samples! Gotta talk to your state legislators to change that rule!) It’s so great to see how many people are interested in how cannabis can be a positive influence in their lives, whether that is adding some CBD topicals to your bathroom cabinet or finding the perfect strain to leave stress at the door. We love helping people explore & discover exactly what is right for them!

Check out some pics from this year’s Brewfest!

Washington state cannabis laws only allow us to table at events in Washington that are restricted to guests 21 years and older, so the Vancouver Brewfest is a perfect partner for us.

Many thanks to Cody Gray & the team at the Vancouver Brewfest for always putting on such an excellent event!

Coming up next, we’re getting ready for 4/20!

We’ve started to receive special orders from our farms & processors, and they’re being safely stashed away until the magic moment when we open at 8a on 4/20!

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