Budtender Spotlight: Terrence

Name: Terrence

From: Columbus, Ohio.

“I transferred out here on a work-related thing. I was in grocery for a long time – but I did a 180 and fell in love with the weed industry.”

Weed history: “I moved out here and for the longest time I had the stigma in my head that smoking weed was wrong. But so many people here are so open about it and so I decided to try it.”

He moved to Vancouver in May 2016, tried weed for the first time in August 2016 and he applied for a job at The Herbery in October 2016, which he got, he said.

“I came in and bought some weed, smoked it, then said ‘I really need to work here.’ It changed everything. I wasn’t necessarily against it before, but I was misinformed. Now I just love it.”

“I love how everything communicates something different to my body. Every strain is different, edibles are different, RSO is different. I love all the cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s great.”

Favorite strains: “I love the way Fireline trims and cures. Their product is always beautiful.”

Napalm Kush is his current Fireline favorite, he said.

“It’s like a roller coaster. You’re happy and giggling and first and then you just take off.”

He also loves Doc & Yeti’s Dutch Treat.

“It’s such a great high with no crash.”

And for edibles his current favorites are Smokiez and Legal Sodas.

Customer support: “I think I’m best with people who are in for the first time, people from out of state,” Terrence said. “When you walk in here for the first time it’s like another world. I also love the old stoners – you can just kick back and chat with them and absorb their knowledge.”

Weirdest thing about you: “You’d probably never guess it, but I’m a Game of Thrones fanatic. I love the books, I love the series, and I love talking about it.”

Where do you want to be in five years: “I am definitely excited to see where this industry takes me. I’m open to the idea of moving up, and that’s possible. But I’m just living in the moment – I love coming into work each day, and I love smoking weed and making recommendations for people.”

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Budtender Spotlight: David

Name: David

From: Logan, Ohio.

At age 19, David’s father passed away and his mother moved to Vancouver, where he soon followed.

“I had so much stuff in my life and marijuana was the only thing that was really helping me, so I came here for a change of pace and because of legalization,” David said. “I’ve been here for six years and I love it. It’s beautiful, very progressive, and a lot different than rural Ohio.”

Weed history: “I was an athlete in high school and I played three sports,” David said. “I probably smoked five or ten times in high school, but usually I was mixing it with alcohol. The first time I really started buying it on my own was in my second year of college – because my roommate was a big pothead.”

He used cannabis as a social tool in college, he said.

“If you have a blunt on campus it can be just a great conversation starter,” he said with a grin.

Favorite strains: David’s favorite overall strain is Dutch Treat from Doc & Yeti.

“It’s a very potent hybrid that keeps me satisfied but not sedated,” David said. “The way it looks, it’s just covered in kief. It’s the most beautiful flower I’ve ever seen. The taste is immaculate – pungent floral. It’s just delicious.”

He also likes ADAK from Nettles Unlimited when he’s looking for a creative vibe.

“That stuff’s like rocket fuel,” David said. “I’m a creative media major (at WSU-V) now and I sometimes use it late at night when I’m working.”

He also likes Cascadia Gardens for its consistent quality and Gimme Samores from Honu is his favorite edible.

Customer support: “I consider myself someone that can sell to anyone,” David said. “I’ve been here at The Herbery for two years now. I feel comfortable selling to anyone. I love to help people who are coming in for the first time especially – I like to make them feel welcome and give them the rundown.”

Weirdest thing about you: “If I go to sleep I like to sleep even hours,” David said. “If I’ll get an odd hour of sleep, I’ll wait up until it gets to an even number of hours. It seems to work best for me – I actually have a bunch of energy.”

Where do you want to be in five years: “I want to be somewhere on a marketing team for the marijuana industry,” David said. “That’s what I’m studying for.”

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Budtender Spotlight: Joey Keliihoomalu

Name: Joey Keliihoomalu


From: Oahu, Hawaii (Moved to Vancouver in fall, 2015)

“My wife, son and I moved to Vancouver for the weather. It’s way too hot in Hawaii.”

Weed history: “I started smoking when I was 12. I picked up my uncle’s roach and smoked it, and it was all uphill from there. I still just have a tremendous love for it.”

Favorite strains: Gameday from NW Cannabis Solutions (“It’s a really nice sativa. It’s an amazing high. Very giggly.”). Dutch Treat from Phat Panda. Chem Dawg from Cedar Creek Cannabis.

Customer support: “I love newcomers. I love helping them out with things and answering their questions. It’s a great test of my knowledge.”

Weirdest thing about you: “I can’t swim. It’s a mental issue. I almost drowned one time, and since then I just can’t go in the water. So I’m a Hawaiian that can’t swim!”

Where do you want to be in five years: “Definitely still in the industry. I’d love to work with a grower but also to keep at it as a budtender. The budtender side – I just love the face to face part of it.”

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Grower Spotlight: Doc & Yeti

Grower: Doc & Yeti

Location: Tumwater, Washington

Owners: Joe “Doc” and Jared “Yeti.”


How did you get into this industry: “We got into the industry because we love weed, and the Washington marijuana culture,” Jared said.

What sets your farm apart from others: “We are driven, and passionate for what we do,” Jared said. “We have the grower and smoker expertise and we are business-minded to make it through all the I-502 rules and regulations.”

Lighting method: 1000-watt hps double ended bulbs.

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor grower, tier 3.

Pesticides: “We are fully biological with our pest management, meaning we use bugs to kill other bugs and beneficial fungus, and microbes to combat diseases,” Jared said. “We also use neem oil in veg and the first two weeks of flower only.

Soil/Growth medium: Coco Coir, a coconut based product.


Signature strains: Red Headed Stranger, Breakfast Kush, Buffalo Bill, Dutch Treat.

Other strains or products of note: “Our vape cartridges are an alcohol extract which increases the cannabinoid profile – we feel it gives you a better high that last longer and smokes thicker,” Jared said.

What would you like to see next as the industry evolves: “All we want is a complete level playing field for all 502 businesses to participate in.”