Sub-Ohm Concentrates

The Best Refill For Sub Ohm Tanks: Sub-Ohm Concentrates

Ever tried screwing a vape cartridge into a e-cig box battery and ended up COMPLETELY RUINING A FULL GRAM OF BEAUTIFUL CANNABIS OIL?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Well, I’ve heard this story around the stores enough to know that this happens pretty frequently – I’m guilty, it happened to me, too. If you don’t know that e-cigs traditionally burn too hot for cannabis vape, you end up wasting a perfectly good cartridge and the money you’d spend on it.

But as vaping has gotten more popular, people have been working on ways to bring together the intoxicating effects of cannabis with the extensive world of vape mods. And the newer sub-ohm vaping – vaping with an atomizer with less than one ohm of resistance – is the crossover in the e-cig/marijuana vape venn diagram.

Here in Washington’s I-502 market, Sub-Ohm Concentrates has developed a vape oil to satisfy both worlds.

Sub-Ohm Concentrates

Processed with flower from Green Brothers Farms, Sub-Ohm Concentrates are 100% activated distillate. That means the cannabis concentrate is processed multiple times to remove all the debris from the initial oil, leaving you with an exceptionally pure product, and also activated so that you can even eat the oil to feel the intoxicating effects.

However, Sub-Ohm Concentrates were developed to be used in e-cig builds. They come packaged in a plunger with a syringe tip so that you can easily top off the tank for your vaporizer. But hey, if you’re off the nicotine and just on the weed, it’s really easy to refill a cartridge with the syringe set-up, too.

Sub-ohm vaping typically delivers thick clouds and rich flavor, and this oil doesn’t disappoint. Like a low-temp dab, your tongue gets to experience every bit of the terpene profile, but unlike a low-temp dab, your eye gets a treat, too, with impressive smoke trails.

Each of Sub-Ohm’s strains boast 75-85% total cannabinoids and up to 15% strain-specific terpenes. And they don’t use any fillers like you might find in e-juice.

Sub-Ohm Concentrates are compatible with all e-cig tanks and refillable cannabis cartridges, and if you’re in need of a quality refillable vape set-up, we love the Aspire Breeze ($32 at The Herbery). Its tank can hold up to two grams of oil, and its petite size and shape make it feel great in your hand and your pocket.

Sub-Ohm Concentrates visits The Herbery for vendor day and weekend sale!

Our friends at Sub-Ohm Concentrates are stopping by all three Herbery locations this weekend, and if you have any questions on their distillate or getting your vape set-up locked in, stop by to chat at one of our Vancouver stores this Saturday, Oct. 27, 2018!

  • The Herbery – 164th Ave: 11a-1p
  • The Herbery – Chkalov: 130-330p
  • The Herbery – St. Johns: 4-6p

As a bonus, we’re taking 20% off all of the Sub-Ohm products!! Normally one of our best-priced distillates at $32/gram, you can take home a gram for $25.60 Friday through Sunday (10/26-28/2018)! 

View the menu for your Favorite Herbery location: St. Johns (West) | Chkalov (Central) | 164th (East)

And don’t miss Abby and Trevor showing me how to refill cartridges and the Aspire Breeze with Sub-Ohm Concentrates in our latest video!

Pricing is set for October 26-28, 2018. Subject to change.