How To Dab 101 – A Step By Step Guide

When you’ve dabbed for as long as our HerbTenders℠ have, you tend to learn a thing or two about how to hit the perfect dab. Here’s a general How To Dab guide with a standard oil rig, plus tips from the pros!

1 – Gather your supplies:

  • Dab rig w/ nail or banger attachment
  • Torch
  • Dab tool & carb cap
  • Cannabis concentrate

2 – Prep your dab:

Using the dab tool, scoop a small amount of concentrate, approximately the size of a small nailhead, and set aside.

3 – Heat your rig:

Using the torch, superheat the nail or banger until it is red hot!

4 – Let your rig cool to the optimal temp:

This requires practice to get right, and may vary from banger to banger, nail to nail.

How do you know what the right temperature is? Experiment a little bit – if you melt the wax and it sizzles, pops, and immediately produces a lot of clouds, chances are your dab is too hot. If you try to melt the wax and it doesn’t melt or melts slowly, your banger has probably cooled too much. A great dab is a good balance of thin vapor that isn’t too hot in the throat and lots of flavor from vaporizing the terpenes at the right temperature.

5 – Melt the wax:

Press your dab to the inside of the tempered banger or nail while inhaling the vapor until none remains on the tool.

(Click for epic melt shots)

6 – Cover with a carb cap:

This helps to maintain the heat and agitate the oil. Inhale until no more vapor remains. For more cloudy vapor, melt the wax at at higher temp. For more flavor, aim for a low-temp dab.

7 – Exhale:

And surrender to the rush of cannabinoids and terpenes!

Remember, dabbing high amounts of THC can get you uncomfortably high, whether or not you have a high tolerance. Always start small and increase from there to find the best-sized hit for you. Also, don’t plan on driving or having anywhere to be within the first hour or two of taking your first dab – it might take that long for your body to process it! Smoke responsibly, y’all.

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