HerbTenders℠ switch it up!

CJ on 4/20 at The Herbery - 164th

Find CJ’s signature smile at The Herbery – Chkalov!

New HerbTenders at Vancouver, Washington’s best pot shop

Have you noticed a lot of new faces at your favorite Herbery? We know many of you have built relationships with them and we want you to know, we want them to get better and better in helping you explore, discuss and discover all the great variety we have at the Herbery.

Do you know that we have three stores, more than 70 employees, and are the ONLY cannabis retailer that is making the investment into training our staff who want a career in cannabis? Many of our HerbTenders℠, assistant managers, and even store managers are working in a different store and getting the training they have asked for. Our team rocks, and we are going to great lengths to hire some of the best in the business!!

We started in November 2018, focusing on expanding our team’s business and product knowledge, and aligning our stores with the same ease and service. Whenever you enter an Herbery location, you will experience the same premium cannabis – products AND service – as we strengthen our brand and our customer base. We continue to strive to be the Best of Clark County.

We have three locations, and we are ONE Herbery

We give those who enter our stores the freedom to explore, discuss and discover. If you have a favorite HerbTender℠, ask our staff which store they are learning from, and you can go say High. Explore another branch of The Herbery, and make even more connections with other HerbTenders℠ as you discuss the products you love. Ask for their recommendations, and experience cannabis from a new point of view. Who knows – you may discover a new favorite strain!

So next time you’re at The Herbery and you see HerbTenders℠ you’ve never worked with, ask them what they’re smoking, rubbing, vaping or eating right now and if they would recommend it. Explore similar vendors or stay with who you already love – either way, get to know our huge selection of premium cannabis from across Washington state. Got feedback? If you drop a suggestion in the suggestion box, leave your name and number, and one of our leadership team will get back to you. Bada bing, bada boom, your opinion helps to grow the best cannabis retailer in Clark County!

Feel like trying something new? I’m smoking on Orange Apricotz flower by Fireline Cannabis! Check out our menus to see if it’s in stock!