Happy first anniversary, Chkalov!!

Happy 1 Year to our friends at The Herbery Chkalov!!

We were thrilled to celebrate The Herbery's Chkalov location's FIRST ANNIVERSARY this month!! Happy birthday, Chkalov!!!

Posted by Herbery Outfitters on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Friday the 13th A great day to celebrate an anniversary, in my opinion.

Chkalov is the third store in The Herbery family, and we’re so honored and proud that we have a community that trusts us with this chance at legal cannabis. It’s clear that since we opened our flagship location in 2015, the culture of marijuana has changed. People seem more comfortable exploring what cannabis is nowadays, and we’re thrilled to put on our Indiana Jones hats and navigate our friends and neighbors through the marijuana jungle. 
Huge thanks to the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce for joining us on Friday to celebrate our first anniversary with us! Seriously, everyone ought to have the chance to wield giant scissors at least once in a lifetime.
Also, major thanks to our friends at Herbery Outfitters for supplying coffee and treats! If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should. They’ve got the goods tees and hats and Herbery swag. (Perfect stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season. wink wink) Check them out at HerberyOutfitters.com.
Next time you’re shopping at Chkalov, say Happy Anniversary and let them know how much you appreciate them!
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  1. Greg
    Greg says:

    To me, marijuana is absolutely unique. It can cause a relationship to become extremely close, loving and intimate. At which point…great sex will find you.
    Any couple can use weed for great sex, I get that, but where does the relationship fit in? Some people don’t want a relationship, just good sex. I get that too.
    However, a “great relationship” will always take sex to it’s highest level. I’ve lived both lifestyles and I can tell you from personal experience… there is no comparison.

    A great relationship with one special person is what we all look for in life. A relationship that has love, trust and loyalty, now has the ability to dream bigger, with more confidence.
    You expect more out of life like, happiness, security, self esteem, joy, fun, and family… on and on. A great relationship makes everything better, richer and healthier in every way.

    Like I said, weed is absolutely unique. It can deliver what you seek. Be it physical, emotional, sexual, self revelations, pain relief, mood altering, artistic, focus,

    temperament enhancer, just having fun, a happier lifestyle, well being, brain storming new ideas with focus and passion. What can you do with all these features and benefit’s?
    I can live a longer, healthier life with fewer or no major organ or cancer issues.

    Why do I think this? Simple deduction. I have friends that have gone through cancer treatment and beat it! They starved the cancer and it left their body.
    One of the key counseling issues through out the entire treatment was absolutely no stress, worry, anxiety, anger or thinking anything that would trigger any of these emotions… ever!
    Which is debatably the very thing that caused the cancer in the first place.

    Cancer feeds off all negative emotions that produce heavy stress loads on different organs of the body. We all know how heavy that weight can become after years of unresolved issues.
    In my opinion, pot is tailor made for cancer patients as well as a proactive, pre-cancer med for high stress, worry, anxiety, anger or thinking anything that would trigger any
    of these emotions.

    I personally chose not to wait till I get a major organ breakdown or cancer to go on a pot regimen. Being proactive in the elimination of negative thoughts and lifestyle,
    make it possible to enjoy a healthier one. If you are older… positive, physical and recreational motivation is the key to enjoying a longer, healthier life!
    If you can’t enjoy your life when your healthy, what’s the point to a longer life?

    It seems like the logical proactive thing to do. I’ve asked four doctors this same question- if pot took away anxiety, anger or thinking anything that would trigger any negative emotions,
    could you live longer and healthier? They all said absolutely yes!

    They also added… stress can cause any major health problems in anyone no matter how healthy they are. Unchecked stress will not only kill you but it will also destroy your life years
    before you die. Personally speaking, I don’t want to be miserable and unhappy with no motivation. Die a little everyday until I’m dead. My father died of stress and worry.
    My mother died of a lifelong addiction to prescription pills. One brother died from nodded-out on heroin just before crashing his motorcycle into a cement wall going 80 MPH.
    My other brother died of alcohol and heroin addiction. Died of liver failure.

    My little sister looks ten years older than me and I’m actually ten years older than her. She was addicted to heroine at twelve years old. She’s still on methadone and dying a little
    each day.
    All wasted life! All pissed away! Their contribution to the world… carbon dioxide!

    I can’t help but to say this… if they all would have been on a pot regimen they could have all lived a much happier life and would never have lived one day in the life destroying
    agony and horror of heroin and alcohol addiction. My two younger brothers would still be here and my little sister wouldn’t be dying.. Pot isn’t the path to addiction,
    It’s the path out of addiction!


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