Grower Spotlight: NW Custom Chronic

Grower: NW Custom Chronic

Location: Woodland, Washington

Owner: Greg Bowyer

How did you get into this industry: “I got into the industry years ago on the medical side. I suffered several injuries as a young man that left me with daily pain. All the doctors wanted to do was give me pills that made me into a zombie. I received a recommendation for cannabis that seemed to help tremendously. I finally got tired of paying for it and started to mess around with growing my own. It became an effective option to deal with my pain. When they legalized it recently it seemed like a good fit for me.,” Bowyer said.

What sets your farm apart from others: “Our farm is a small farm concentrated on quality at an effective price. We want to provide the best cannabis at the lowest price so everyone can know what it is to have the best cannabis without breaking the bank to get it.”

Lighting method: We are an indoor grow that uses 1000-w sodium halides.

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor grower, tier 1.

Pesticides: “We typically don’t use pesticides. If the need arises (and it is rarely) we use spider mites and a combination of SNS-217 and green cleaner.”

Soil/Growth medium: We use soil to grow our plants not coco.

Signature strains: Lemon Sour Diesel, Durbin  Bubble, Dragon Lady, Super Silver Haze, Green Queen, Orange Creamsicle, Chernobyl, Green Crack, Purple Pineberry.  Our to top testers are Chernobyl 29.1% and Dragon Lady 30.4% total active cannabinoids.

Other strains or products of note: “We will be providing extracts in the near future as we are only waiting on final approval from the Liquor and Cannabis Board. We will be offering BHO, rosin and keif.”

What would you like to see next as the industry evolves: “The industry is moving in the right direction. I would like to see a marketplace that is a little easier to do business in. I would also like to see the industry be treated like any other legal industry. That is fairly on all levels from finance to banking to advertising and merchandising.  I believe we will get there.”

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