Grower Spotlight: Mirth Provisions

Grower/Processor: Mirth Provisions (Maker of Legal sodas)

Location: Longview, WA

Owner: Adam Stites – Founder,  (answers from Brad Gengler – Mirth’s Director of Sales)


How did you get into this industry: My interest in cannabis was sparked in college. After remaining somewhat injury prone throughout my short collegiate football career, and sustaining a few concussions, I began to discover the many health benefits derived from cannabis. This introduced me into an entirely different world away from modern medicine. Most of which you don’t necessarily hear about while growing up in a small farm town.

After school, I went on to an assortment of sales and customer service positions, primarily in direct door-to-door sales, where I managed teams throughout the US. After a few years, I decided to move back to the northwest to be closer to family. That’s when I met our founder, Adam, just as he was starting up Mirth.

After a few months of knowing him, he offered me a part time sales position which then escalated into the position I’m at now.

What sets you apart from other processors:  First and foremost, I think what truly sets us apart is our advertising team at Sockeye. Time and time again they absolutely turn everything they touch into gold. They’ve really done an amazing job transforming Mirth Provisions from an idea to a brand leader within the industry.

I think another aspect that really sets us apart is our attention to detail, and our driving focus to master our craft.

Within the industry, you see so many producers/processors trying to be a jack of all trades. They start selling edibles, then flower, then extracts, then vape pens.  They essentially go from selling infused sweets to selling batteries. It’s bit of a roller coaster.

I think when you have too much going on, it reduces your ability to execute at a high level. Seems like a lot of people are focused on quantity over quality, they lose sight of any possibility of innovation. Since the very beginning, we’ve just focused on what makes us different and better, and I think it’s really paid off.


Growing method: When it comes to our CO2 extract; we partner with Green America, which provides us about 8 different indica and sativa strains. This allows us to provide consistent effects with all of our strain specific products.

Indoor/outdoor/Tier: We are a tier 3, but do not grow anything ourselves.

Pesticides: From Green America: Azamax, Actinovate Sp, Nukem, Clonex Rooting Gel, Mad Farmer Rootit, PFR-97, Diatomaceous Earth and Pro Mix HP were used on this product during the growing season.

Signature products: Legal All-natural Sodas, made from locally sourced ingredients.

Other products of note (anything new coming): Drift Sublingual – A true sublingual spray that utilizes our patented pending Gravitine delivery process.

What would you like to see next as the industry evolves: I’d really like to see a greater focus on health related products, as well as healthier ingredients.

At this point, you really don’t see many companies making too many healthy products.

In an attempt to make something palatable, and that meets shelf stability requirements, it seems many of the products out there are loaded with all types of nasty preservatives, additives, and sugars. Although most of these are fine in moderation, some in concert with one another can have negative effects.

When it comes to all of the health benefits cannabis has to offer, this industry is really just scratching the surface. Granting a greater focus on more innovative, health-oriented products would be exciting.