Grower Spotlight: Going Green

Grower: Going Green

Location: Vancouver, Washington

Owners: Mark Robertson


How did you get into this industry: “I’m just a business man. I’ve run a boat shop here in town for 20 years. I was looking for something else to do and this just kind of came along. I’ve smoked pot since I was in my teens, and this just seemed like a really interesting opportunity,” Robertson said.

What sets your farm apart from others: “Our focus is to grow the highest grade flower we can produce – whether that’s CBD strains or things on the recreational side. We’re always looking at ways to improve and make things better, but our processes are reasonably set now. Things are working really well.”

Lighting method: Full spectrum 100-watt HPS XXX hoods for commercial products. Also doing some test runs with other light spectrum technology.

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor grower, tier 1.

Pesticides: No pesticides. The company uses Neem Oil and sticky paper to protect crops.

Soil/Growth medium: Ocean forest soil with a perlite mix.


Signature strains: Sour Tsunami and Harley Sue CBD strains, F***ing Incredible and Juicy Fruit THC strains.

Other strains or products of note: Blue Dream, Cheese and several other strains for the recreational market.

What would you like to see next as the industry evolves: “I would love to see better education to the public on what the lab numbers actually mean. High THC doesn’t always mean a stronger head high, yet so much of the recreational market is based on that. The other cannabinoids and the entourage effect play a very big role – there’s a lot more to it than just THC.”

6 replies
  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    I would like to talk with Mark Robertson, Even if it is through email. So please if someone is able to put us in contact with him or have him email me please it is important and is changing our lives.

  2. Tim Hall
    Tim Hall says:

    I too would love to talk to Mark about his Sour Tsunami strain….the best cbd strain on the market……. and how it has given someone close to me their life back.
    If nothing else but to thank him personally for changing lives and doing it right here in Vancouver WA.
    Feel free to forward my info.
    Thank You.

  3. Devin
    Devin says:

    God’s Plan from Going Green was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I’m so glad to have found something that really compliments my own biology. High THC strains just weren’t doing a lot for me, aside from high anxiety. God’s Plan was the first high CBD strain I’ve tried and it affected me in a completely different way. Thank you to Mark and everyone else that helped bring high CBD strains to The Herbery. Much appreciation!

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