Will flavored vape cartridges return to Washington's recreational marijuana market?

Flavored vaping ban to expire Feb. 8

Missing your Skittles and Fruity Pebbles flavored vapes? Good news – the flavored vaping ban is expected to lift in Washington state on Feb. 8, 2020!

We pulled nearly all our vape cartridges at The Herbery this past fall after Gov. Jay Inslee and the WA State Board of Health enacted an emergency 120-day flavored vaping ban on most vaping liquid additives. This was in response to the outbreak of severe lung injuries that caused major illness and even death among vape users across the United States. Flavorings and botanically derived terpenes were among the substances that were banned from vaping juices for both nicotine and THC vapes. Only cannabis-derived terpenes from within the I-502 market are currently allowed as additives in THC vape cartridges available for legal sale in Washington state.

Another emergency rule was enacted a few weeks later specifically banning the additive vitamin E acetate. This substance has been directly linked to severe cases of lung injury, especially in THC vape cartridges that were bought illegally outside of the regulated market. The emergency rule banning vapor products with vitamin E acetate will remain in effect until March 19.

Recent updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the national outbreak of vaping-associated lung injury has waned, and it is expected that Washington authorities will allow flavors in vaping liquids again after the ban lifts on Feb. 8, 2010. However, the WA state legislature is currently in session, and there are bills on the table that address whether to fully ban certain additives, such as vitamin E acetate and all flavorings, except tobacco flavoring, in non-THC vapor products.

At The Herbery, we are awaiting further direction and clarification from the Liquor Cannabis Board for when flavored vaping products may grace our shelves again. We are aware of the situation, and will alert our customers to any changes to the availability of flavored vape cartridges as accurate information comes in. Stay tuned!