Fairwinds Manufacturing “Mixing It Up” With New Products

Herbery Insta RTM“Our line of instant drink mix powders will revolutionize the way daily users ingest cannabis. We formulated different types of premium cannabis oil into a ready-to-mix fizzy powder. Just pour the powder into water and allow the fizzy bubbles to disperse. With a fresh all-natural citrus flavor, our instant drink mix powders can make your daily edible a very healthy choice. Totally unlike infused candies and cookies that contain lots of empty calories, our fizzy drink mix powders use pure fruit sugar with other valuable nutrients. When taking our cannabis infused drink mixes, you can be sure you are getting your recommended daily intake of B vitamins to support energy, Zinc to support immunity, and a targeted blend of electrolytes to help keep you hydrated. Our Relax drink mix has an increased level of B vitamins and added herbs to support a healthy relaxed state of mind.” – Fairwinds Manufacturing