Budtender Spotlight: Trevor

Name: Trevor


From: San Francisco Bay area, California until he was 10 and then Idaho. Trevor moved to Vancouver about eight months ago with his brother. “My brother and I have been meaning to get out of Idaho for a while. I got two years probation there for a pipe! Also, there’s just not much to do there unless you’re a rancher or a farmer. So that’s actually why we moved here, not just because cannabis is legal.”

Weed history: “I’ve smoked since I was 12, but I wasn’t very educated about it until I came to work at The Herbery. I love Vancouver. It’s close enough to feel like you’re in civilization, but not so big that you feel swallowed by it.”

Favorite strains: Golden Pineapple from Phat Panda – “It’s a great high, but it also tastes like what it smells like and the buds are beautiful!” – Blackberry Kush from Victory Cannabis, Ewok from Cascadia Gardens and Chem Dawg from Cedar Creek Cannabis.

Customer support: “I like people who can keep up with my quirkiness. I love that fun back and forth with customers. I also just really enjoy helping people.”

Weirdest thing about you: “I collect Phat Panda stickers. I have one for pretty much every strain we’ve gotten in. I also love galaxy print things – if I see anything with the cosmos on it, like a shirt or sheets, I just have to get it because I love how it looks.”

Where do you want to be in five years: “I see a lot of growth going on, especially here at The Herbery. I could definitely see myself still working here in the future.”

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