Budtender Spotlight: Sarah Davila

Name: Sarah Davila


From: Forest Grove, Oregon

Weed history: “Friends got me started when I was about 16. I’ve smoked ever since. Well, I quit twice – but not for very long. Mostly those were tolerance breaks.”

“My favorite thing about pot is the usefulness. I used to just smoke because I was bored or wanted to get messed up. But learning about all the different strains, and all the different things they do has been eye opening. And so as I’ve matured I’ve become more like a walking Leafly. I love the medical aspects of the plant and I can’t wait until we get our medical license this summer so I can tell our customers more about the medical properties of marijuana.”

Favorite strains: “Phat Panda, hands down, is my favorite grower. I especially like their Ape Hanger – it’s a super balanced hybrid, so it does whatever you want it to do.”

Also Lavender, which she uses personally for stress and sinus congestion, and Girl Scout Cookies, which she personally uses for migraines, and because it tastes good.


Customer support: “My coworkers often refer older customers, or customers with issues that are looking for particular strain recommendations. I like going beyond just recommendations for the highest THC strain.”

Weirdest thing about you: “I’m fluent in American Sign Language. We have a few deaf customers who come in here and it’s just great to be able to talk to them. I had a deaf friend in high school, so I ended up taking all the language and other classes to better understand and communicate with her.”

Where do you want to be in five years: “I want to be here doing the exact same thing I’m doing now. I love what I do. And The Herbery is a fantastic place to work.”

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