Budtender Spotlight: Rick

Name: Rick


From: Florida (most recently Miami, Florida)

“I was in the military before coming here (to Vancouver),” Rick said, adding that he served 10 years in the Army.

Weed history: “A friend (in the military) had some one day,” Rick said. “I was curious, tried it and liked it, and that’s how I got started. When I got out of the military it became more of a gourmet thing for me. Now I think of it like wine or any other gourmet beverage.”

Favorite strains: OG Kush from Cedar Creek, White Fire from Fireline (“I haven’t been high like that in I don’t know how long,” he says of The Herbery’s newest grower).

He also counts Phat Panda and Doc & Yeti among his favorite growers.

“I really like indoor grown product – the quality is so much better,” he added.

Customer support: “I work with all customers: Young, old, male, female. I relate to everybody.”

His favorite strains are usually indicas, and he loves recommending them to other indica fans, he added.

Weirdest thing about you: “I collect rare antique books,” Rick said.

He’s especially fascinated with metaphysics books, like Cosmic Consciousness by Richard Maurice Bucke, Science of Being by Eugene Fersen, both of which are in his collection.

“I’ve always been curious about metaphysics, esoteric studies,” he said. “Smoking weed and talking about higher states of consciousness is just something I love.”

Where do you want to be in five years: “Hopefully Florida will have legalized by then and I can move back home. I love the Pacific Northwest, but I miss the beaches and sunshine.”

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