Budtender Spotlight: Kaleb

Name: Kaleb

From: Vancouver, Washington – graduate of Mountain View High School!

Weed history: “It started more as a social thing. People here in Vancouver, socially they just got me into it. Now I just like the feeling of it, but I also want to learn more about medicinal properties – especially for veterans.”

Kaleb served in the Marine Corps from 2012 to 2016 and says he loves talking to veterans.

Favorite strains: Kaleb loves Fireline and Phat Panda – especially the F?#k Yeah strain from Phat Panda, he said.

“It brings out my goofy side. Sometimes I seem a little too shy, but that makes me a little social butterfly.”

Customer support: “I love all customers, really. I don’t want to be biased. At first I was afraid to help older people, because they just know so much, but now I’m learning and I just want to help everybody out. I also really like talking to veterans, just because we have so much common ground.”

Weirdest thing about you: “I have a fake front tooth. I have no idea how it happened. I got really drunk for the first time in high school and I blacked out. Boy did I get in trouble with my parents!”

Where do you want to be in five years: “I want to be in the industry, but I want to own my own shop. I’m working on a degree in Business Administration right now at Clark College!”

Video Introduction: