Budtender Spotlight: Johnny

Name: Johnny

From: Born in Utah, grew up in Washington near Hazel Dell.

He served five years in the Army National Guard, mostly in Iraq. He returned in 2009.

“I spent my 21st birthday in Iraq,” Johnny said. “I got stuck doing combat recovery. Anything that went on outside the wire, my guys had to go get it.”

“I came home with some big stressors, and a hard time fitting into the workplace, but then I came here and it’s just perfect. People are very cool.”

Weed history: “I started in high school, but when I joined the Army I quit. When I came back to Washington everything changed – it was like ‘wow! It’s all legal now!'”

Favorite strains: Adak from Nettles is his favorite no-anxiety sativa.

“That’s my happy, upbeat, gonna go exercise strain!”

Purple Trainwreck from Cascadia Gardens is also high on his list.

“That’s a hybrid that’s indica-leaning. It’s a decent couch-locker for me.”

Raw Clear Distillate is his favorite wax, which he says also helps with his anxiety.

“It gives me a good even mellow,” Johnny said. “And it’s strong enough that it makes me feel like a fresh newbie at smoking.”

He also loves pretty much anything from Phat Panda.

“Panda has a very large selection – and I love trying new things out.”

Customer support: “Couples are my favorites. The dual needs – I like that little bit of a challenge in finding a fit for both people. One likes indica, one likes sativa – if I can find a good hybrid that hits right in the middle I feel like I’ve done a good job.”

Weirdest thing about you: “I’m an amateur knife smith, using reclaimed materials. Like I’ll take an old file and turn it into a knife.”

He adopted the skill after going through a workshop with vets suffering anxiety after returning home, he said.

“They told us to pick a hobby and I blurted out ‘making knives,'” Johnny said. “I’ve made maybe 30-40 of them at this point, and five swords.”

Where do you want to be in five years: “I want to be homesteading – not totally sure where yet. More than likely it will be in this area. And I’d be just fine if I was still working here – maybe even in management.”

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