Budtender Spotlight: Joey Keliihoomalu

Name: Joey Keliihoomalu


From: Oahu, Hawaii (Moved to Vancouver in fall, 2015)

“My wife, son and I moved to Vancouver for the weather. It’s way too hot in Hawaii.”

Weed history: “I started smoking when I was 12. I picked up my uncle’s roach and smoked it, and it was all uphill from there. I still just have a tremendous love for it.”

Favorite strains: Gameday from NW Cannabis Solutions (“It’s a really nice sativa. It’s an amazing high. Very giggly.”). Dutch Treat from Phat Panda. Chem Dawg from Cedar Creek Cannabis.

Customer support: “I love newcomers. I love helping them out with things and answering their questions. It’s a great test of my knowledge.”

Weirdest thing about you: “I can’t swim. It’s a mental issue. I almost drowned one time, and since then I just can’t go in the water. So I’m a Hawaiian that can’t swim!”

Where do you want to be in five years: “Definitely still in the industry. I’d love to work with a grower but also to keep at it as a budtender. The budtender side – I just love the face to face part of it.”

Video Introduction: