Budtender Spotlight: Eric Peterson

Name: Eric Peterson


From: Oregon City, Oregon

Weed history: “I really didn’t smoke until I started here. I had a rough time at another job and a friend helped bring me here. Since then, things have gotten much better for me.

Before I started I had some muscle issues from heavy lifting at an old job, and I was very curious to try marijuana and see if it helped. Jack Herer was the first strain I tried after starting at The Herbery and it gave me the best guitar playing experience I ever had – along with helping with the soreness and pain. It eliminated any doubts that I had.”

Favorite strains: Jack Herer from Cedar Creek Cannabis (“That’s my top sativa”), OG Kush from Cedar Creek Cannabis, Cinex from Phat Panda, Gorilla Glue and Ewok from Cascadia Gardens, and Dutch Treat from Doc & Yeti.

Customer support: “I’m pretty good with older customers – people that are in their 50s or older. I just click very well with them when I’m talking. I love joking around with them. We just seem to get each other.”

Weirdest thing about you: “I have kind of a dark, absurd sense of humor. If I were a comedian I’d probably fit well with Monty Python. I also play guitar – both acoustic and electric. I play a mix of everything from rock to folk to hard rock to death metal.”

Where do you want to be in five years: “I’m still trying to figure things out. I’m in the rediscovery stage of my life right now and I’m just enjoying the ride.”

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  1. bill black
    bill black says:

    Yeah, I used to come in with my puppy, Diego. Thank you for big nose treats, but the weed is old and does not weigh out. Last visit mix and matched varieties, ounce, really, not even close. Maybe 1/2 of old dried out weed. Born in Portland Oregon in 1960. Was all gone in two days, every buy weed that’s not on a scale? Love you guys, but probably won’t see me again,sorry. Live in amboy, now.

    • Jim Mullen
      Jim Mullen says:

      Hi Bill,

      We are sorry your purchases weren’t what you expected. We can’t weigh anything in the store like the med shops do, it’s not legal in Washington to have “open packages”. As to the quality and weight of the weed you bought this is the first feedback we’ve had of this kind. Some of the trim does brown out but the weight should have been spot on. We don’t weigh every package that comes in but we will make it right if you were shorted. I realize some time has passed but if there is a way we can make this right for you we would be happy to do so. Thank you for letting us know about your issue.
      Jim Mullen

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