Budtender Spotlight: Deanne Detrow

Name: Deanne Detrow


From: North Carolina (She moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2014).

“My roommate was all ‘let’s move to the West Coast! So I did, and then she didn’t come with me! But I came, I stayed and I love it!”

Weed history: “I got the job here, actually. I didn’t smoke before then. Oh, I had a bowl here and there, but after I moved here – my aunt, who lives in the area, she’s a connoisseur – she brought me to the Herbery. When I came in I applied, and I got the job. I’ve learned so much more and I’m such a fan of cannabis now.”

Favorite strains: Blue Dream from Going Green, Lavender from pretty much any grower, Red Headed Stranger from Doc & Yeti. “I love Lavender right before I sleep. It just gets you perfectly ready for bed.”

Customer support: “I think they’re all so fantastic. The more questions the better. I love being able to teach people new things – the things I’ve learned. I tell people, I love to teach, but I don’t like kids, so this is perfect for me.”

Weirdest thing about you: “My hiccup sounds like a pterodactyl,”  Deanne said with a laugh. “Or maybe it sounds like a car breaking or a dog yelp. It’s been like that forever. I’ve actually gotten detention for it back in school because it’s so loud. Usually they don’t come continuously, so it ends up just being this random sound – and people say ‘what the hell was that??'”

Where do you want to be in five years: “I want to be in the industry, working, but I also want to go to school to be an interpreter for the deaf. I’m learning ASL and I love it.”

Video Introduction: