Budtender Spotlight: Ben

Name: Ben

From: Vancouver, Washington – born and raised.

Weed history: “When I was 19 I was hanging out with some friends and my buddy paid me $50 to take a hit! I didn’t get high at the time because I was drunk. But I tried it again the next night because I was curious, and I’ve been smoking off and on ever since.”

“I love that there’s a plant that can do so many different things for so many people – and it grows really quick in so many environments.”

Favorite strains: His favorite sativa is Jack Herer from Cedar Creek Cannabis. He also loves F?#k Yeah from Phat Panda when he’s ready to chill with an indica.

“Jack – I love the creativity and the euphoric head highs. F?#k Yeah I love because it’s awesome video game weed!”

Customer support: “I love working with everybody and anybody who comes in. I’m a big flower guy. I like vapes as well, but I’m pretty new to them and to dabs.”

Weirdest thing about you: “I’m a computer enthusiast, gamer, and I do security work. I teach people how to avoid hacker bots and spyware.”

For video games, he loves the Civilization series – except for the most recent one, and he’s eagerly awaiting the full launch of a game called Star Citizen.

Where do you want to be in five years: “If I’m still in the industry in five years I hope it’s helping to run a store – or to run IT infrastructure for a marijuana business.”

Video Introduction: