THC infused sensual oil

Botanica Seattle launches BOND sensual oil at both Herbery stores

Botanica Seattle, maker of Spot Edibles, Moxie’s Mints and Proper Chocolates, has launched its new BOND sensual oil line at The Herbery’s two Vancouver locations at St. John’s and 164th.

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The company, based in Seattle, spent more than a year developing the product, which is designed specifically for women’s sexual enhancement, said Jude Brown, the marketing lead for the product.

“It’s not actually considered a lubricant,” Brown said. “But it does have lubricating properties. It’s not a lube because it takes about 30 minutes to go into effect. It’s more of an enhancement product.”

The company first released BOND in October, 2015, and the popularity has outgrown Seattle Botanica’s ability to make it, especially after a story came out about it in The Stranger, she added.

Sometimes it can be difficult for consumers to talk about sensual products, so Brown said she hopes consumers will check out the customer testimony and frequently asked questions sections of the company’s website to learn more.

“We want to make it more comfortable for people to talk about this,” Brown said. “It’s something that most people don’t feel comfortable talking about: Sex. So our marketing is really to help break those barriers so people feel open about asking questions.”

To deal with the steady demand, the company has limited the number of retailers to one or two stores in each area of the state, with the Herbery becoming the exclusive provider in Vancouver.

“The demand has just blown up everywhere,” Brown said. “It’s a super-concentrated product. You get about 30 uses per bottle, and a little goes a long way.”

The product uses Clean Green Certified cannabis from Emerald Twist and food grade coconut oil. Each bottle contains 150 mg of THC in 1 fluid ounce.

General dosing is 4-8 pumps from the bottle, which can be applied internally or externally, Brown said.

“You could eat it if you wanted to as well, but that’s probably not the best use for it,” she said.

Botanica Seattle started out as an edibles company in October, 2014. BOND was a product the company had considered from the start, but it took about a year to complete testing and make improvements, Brown said.

“BOND, we made it to help women who may have lost touch with their sexuality,” Brown said. “It’s really a tool. So many products are geared toward men. This one is really designed to enhance a women’s sexuality without side effects.”