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Clark County May Soon Lift Ban On Recreational Cannabis Sales

Clark County May Soon Lift Ban On Recreational Cannabis Sales by Molly Solomon Follow OPB July 2, 2019 12:13 p.m. | Vancouver, Wash. View original article at OPB Clark County is on the verge of lifting its ban on recreational cannabis businesses. Despite being across Washington and in large cities, including Vancouver and Battle Ground, marijuana shops in unincorporated […]

Best of Clark County Nominations are OPEN!

Calling all Herbery fans! The Best of Clark County nominations are open and we’re shooting for 4 years in a row! Please take a moment to head over to bestofclarkcounty.com, choose the Cannabis Category, and nominate us for BEST CANNABIS STORE and BEST HEAD SHOP! Thank you to all of our amazing supporters!

Budtender Spotlight: Terrence

Name: Terrence From: Columbus, Ohio. “I transferred out here on a work-related thing. I was in grocery for a long time – but I did a 180 and fell in love with the weed industry.” Weed history: “I moved out here and for the longest time I had the stigma in my head that smoking weed was […]

Budtender Spotlight: Corry

Name: Corry From: Seattle originally, but he’s lived in Vancouver since he was 9 years old. “I consider myself from Seattle. I like it here though. The people are super nice, and there are nice places around here to hike and camp, too.” Weed history: “I started smoking with my best friends when I was 15, and […]

Budtender Spotlight: Dominik

Name: Dominik From: Los Angeles, California, originally, but he’s been in Vancouver for several years. “I moved up here with my dad when I was 16,” Dominik said. “He’s an airplane mechanic with Alaska Airlines. I ended up falling in love with Washington.” He graduated from Columbia River High School and spent four years in […]

Budtender Spotlight: Matt

Name: Matt From: Swansea, Massachusetts – near Fall River. He’s also lived in Southern California, where he made wax for the cannabis industry, and Wisconsin periodically. Matt moved to Vancouver in late May after visiting a friend in the area and checking out the scene, he said. “I visited a bunch of weed shops up […]

Budtender Spotlight: Sarah

Name: Sarah From: Forest Grove, Oregon. She moved to Vancouver a few months ago to work at The Herbery. “This is just a super chill state,” she said of her new home. “Everything’s so easy to get to.” Weed history: “My brothers used to smoke really hard core – and I was totally against it,” […]

Budtender Spotlight: Nate

Name: Nate From: Vancouver and Battle Ground. He graduated from Skyview High School. Weed history: “I grew up smoking, since I was about 14,” the 21-year-old said. “I always dreamed of having a legal job in the industry and it was a wish I wanted to fulfill – so I applied for a job at The […]

Budtender Spotlight: Janet

Name: Janet From: Born in California and raised in Vancouver, Washington. She graduated from St. Mary of the Valley High School in Portland. Weed history: “My family grew it, actually,” Janet said. “Before we left Sunnyvale California we grew it with our apricots. That’s how I learned how to trim it, make oils, tinctures, edibles […]