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If you vape, you need to read this!

Important updates on vaping laws On September 27, 2019, WA Gov. Jay Inslee issued an executive order to the State Board of Health to create a policy regarding flavored vapor products, including flavored THC vapor products. The health department will present their policy to the governor on Oct. 9. We all have questions, and we […]

How To Dab 101 – A Step By Step Guide

When you’ve dabbed for as long as our HerbTenders℠ have, you tend to learn a thing or two about how to hit the perfect dab. Here’s a general How To Dab guide with a standard oil rig, plus tips from the pros! 1 – Gather your supplies: Dab rig w/ nail or banger attachment Torch […]

Dabbing? What is Dabbing?

You’ve seen the 88% THC test results for the amber-colored oil around The Herbery sales floors, and you’re wondering what this whole dabbing thing is all about, how to dab, and why people do it. Sure, dabbing can be intimidating, but once you’ve perfected the routine, you’ll have a high-powered method for getting lots of […]

HerbTenders℠ switch it up!

New HerbTenders℠ at Vancouver, Washington’s best pot shop Have you noticed a lot of new faces at your favorite Herbery? We know many of you have built relationships with them and we want you to know, we want them to get better and better in helping you explore, discuss and discover all the great variety we […]

4/20 at The Herbery?? Yeah, it was lit…

Spark up a joint & flip through these photos from 4/20 at The Herbery! 4/20 – it’s our favorite day every year. We have so much fun helping our customers restock their stashes with some killer deals, & then we get to go celebrate with a killer bowl of our own & friends in our […]

4/20 Afterglow

Feel that? It’s the 4/20 Afterglow What a SPECTACULAR 4/20! We are definitely feeling that 4/20 afterglow this week! We broke records, revealed some dope new floor art at Chkalov, celebrated with our friends at Heathen Brewing at the Faction 420 MegaDank release party, and found out that Chkalov even sold the most Smokiez in […]